10 X Factor 2017 Auditions Tips

X factor is definitely a place where talented singer dreams come true. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make or break one’s career aspirations. It is very important that the candidates are fully aware of what is expected of them and are prepared to give their best performances at X Factor 2017 auditions. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while auditioning for X Factors.

X Factor Auditions Tips

X Factor Auditions 2017 Tips:

  1. The most important thing is to remember and keep in mind that the judges at X factor are looking forward to candidates that can sing very well and will be very popular if given the chance to be the next biggest recording artist. Given their expectation, the candidate should try to mould themselves into this role and work on their vocals.
  2. The time frame should be made the best use of. During auditions, each candidate gets only two minutes to perform and that should be used to the best of their abilities.
  3. It is always better to perform something that is self-composed and written as compared to performing a song written by another artist, as it shows originality.
  4. As the audition works on first come and first serve basis, candidates should arrive before time to showcase their punctuality and get the early bird advantage.
  5. Each candidate should prepare at least 5 songs word by word and be mastered in all of them as it is a very common practice that the judges asks the candidate to sing another song or change the genre and sing from any other genre.
  6. As self-made songs and lyrics may sound as a little self-indulgent, the candidates should always prepare for a mix of both self-written songs and songs that are well known across the industry.
  7. It is almost certain that the first song that the candidate decides to perform, they will not be allowed to, as the judges want to throw them off their guard and see how they perform under stress. It’s always a good strategy to prepare the first two songs equally well as one never know which one they may be allowed to perform.
  8. Dance moves are not valued as much as ones singing ability. Remember, the final thing that they can offer to the winner is a singing contract and not a dancing contract. Therefore, one’s singing should not get affected by their rigorous dance moves as dancing is something that is anyways taught to all the finalists once they are chosen for the contract.
  9. As there is a possibility that there are 20 people are lined for the audition before oneself, candidates should keep themselves hydrated and well fed during the audition waiting time. Everyone should bring something to keep themselves busy while they wait, as there is a lot of waiting required.
  10. Both girls and boys should not wear clothes that are too skimpy as it comes out to be very attention attracting and it can make the judges focus more on the candidate’s clothes rather than their performance which can prove to be bad for them.

Finally, what ends well is considered all well. One may follow all these rules and still get rejected or not follow any of these tips and still get selected. Luck, talent and lots more factor can decide whether or not one gets selected.

Simon Cowell share some X Factor Auditions tips in the below video